Shanetxt sees himself as a catalyst for the modern service economy. He inspires companies and people to move beyond the mundane and out of status quo, so they want to exceed the expectations of their internal and external customers. As a culture hacker, Shane analyzes a company’s internal cultural code, and then reprograms it from within, reworking the mindsets, values and beliefs that define the company and shape its outlook.



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Culture Hacker

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Shane has developed a reputation as one of the world’s premier culture hackers based on his ability to understand and reprogram outdated thinking, mindsets, values and beliefs, which define the environment in which people work. His experience in hospitality, automotive, retail and professional sports has led to significant customer experience transformations that are emulated around the world.

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Keynote Speaker

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As a speaker, Shane has been defined as a motivational and evocative leader who clearly and concisely translates complex messages for diverse audiences. He is able to engage thousands of participants at once, or to deliver a private C+ coaching session that catalyzes business leaders.

Audiences find him inspirational, frank and passionate as he challenges their mindsets, values and beliefs. His simple insights and rules to lead and run a business have been adopted and utilized across many industries. His energetic and straightforward style has made him one of the most sought-after corporate speakers in North America, today. Shane’s sessions have been delivered at universities, conferences, corporate engagements and executive retreats around the world.

C+ Corporate Coach

Early on, Shane realized he has the ability to deliver memorable, motivating and effective messages. Unhappy with the outdated training many companies utilize, Shane created signature C+ coaching sessions, which are exclusive and challenging learning experiences that are catered to each group of C-level leaders.

Television Host

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Shane Green is an experienced television host who has been utilized for programs around the globe, including Travel Channel’s series, Resort Rescue. His unique interviewing style, and his ability to put guests at ease, makes him a powerful host who can control the outcome of an interview. He consistently delivers memorable moments that inspire audiences, and reshape the thinking of his interview subjects.
As a TV host, Shane utilizes more than 25 years of hospitality and business experience to help business owners succeed. Driven by an understanding of what it takes to run a business, and how to turn a service culture around, Shane helps business owners identify the problems that are crippling their businesses, resolve those issues strategically with his world-class team of consultants, trainers and coaches, and then redefine each business’s success for the future.





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Connect with us and learn more about how we can work together. Whether a keynote event, an executive retreat or private consultation, Shane would love to be a part of your plan to deliver a better customer or associate experience.
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