Corporate Coach & Consultant

Corporate Coach and Consultant

Shane Green has been involved in the customer experience business for the past 25 years, working with some of the most recognized brands in hospitality, sports entertainment, retail, automotive, real estate, and technology to elevate the skills and mindset of employees. Throughout the process of training staff, developing service standards, process mapping, or consulting, Shane and his team have stayed focused on their mission to help elevate the customer experience.

The latest emphasis of their consulting practice is the Culture Hacker methodology and programming, whereby Shane Green is working with Fortune 500 brands to redesign their employee experience to ultimately elevate organizational performance, reduce turnover, and improve customer service.

Through the Culture Hacker Assessment and a series of workshops, Shane Green has guided executive teams in their mission to grow market share, profits, and customer satisfaction by reprogramming their company culture. Shane will help facilitate the change process required in such a way that significant improvements will be made quietly.

Shane has also worked directly with Executives to help them be better leaders in their efforts to inspire their people to do what they want them to do.